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Company Profile

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Yuci Jintai Barium salt Chemical Co., LTD. (formerly known as Yuci Building Materials Factory) was founded in 1971 and restructured into Yuci Jintai Barium salt Chemical Co., LTD in March 2003. Located on the east side of Xinglong Road, Xiaohe Industrial Park, Jinzhong Development Zone, Shanxi Demonstration Zone, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. South tongpu railway 1.5km away from the west, 108 national road 3km. Transportation is extremely convenient. The company covers an area of 49087 square meters and has 110 employees.
Our company has advanced production technology; Perfect testing instruments; Scientific management; Skilled production workers. Barium hydroxide products have been produced since 1993. "Yubei" brand barium hydroxide, crystal barium hydroxide, barium metaborate and other products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Annual output of 10,000 tons, annual sales revenue of 40 million yuan. Barium hydroxide series products won the title of "High quality products in Shanxi Province". Won the gold cup in "99 International Chemical Science and technology Exposition and product promotion Seminar". In 2002, shanxi Provincial Economic and Trade Commission awarded "Shanxi Science and technology smes" and took the lead through IS09001:2000 international quality management system certification. For more than 10 years, jinzhong Industrial and Commercial Bureau awarded the title of "honoring contract and keeping promise enterprise". In June 2009, it was identified as "Shanxi Private science and technology Enterprise" by Shanxi Science and Technology Department. In 2010, jinzhong Yuci District people's government as "advanced enterprise in environmental protection".
My company's main products are barium hydroxide eight water, crystal barium hydroxide monohydrate, barium borate, etc., after my company refined products can reach no chlorine, no sodium, low strontium, very low iron.
We sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to visit our company to negotiate business, cooperate sincerely, seek common development and create brilliant.


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Office Phone:0354-2713004
Supply Section Phone:0354-2713094
Sales Division Phone:0354-2713225
Address:East side of Xinglong Road, Xiaohe Industrial Park, Jinzhong Development Zone, Shifan District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. 


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